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Arthur W. V. Reeve, MBE & Bronze Wolf

Arthur W. V. Reeve

The name first appears in Troop records in 1926, and attains folklore status thoughout the many years of involvement with St. Matthew's Scout Group, Scouting Canterbury and The Scout Association of New Zealand where he was the Commissioner for Pacific Islands Scouting, and International Commissioner as well as looking after the Lone Scouts throughout NZ and the Pacific).

During his time with St. Matthew's, Arthur Reeve was a Scout, Patrol Leader, Assistant Scoutmaster (promotion effective 4th Feb 1929 for both Arthur Reeve and Wiliam Sey according to records) and Scoutmaster of high value to the boys in the Troop.  As with many of our finest officers in those early days of Scouting, he was soon elevated to the District Scoutmaster position, and from there moved on to higher office at the National level.

Mr Reeve formally left the troop with a letter, dated 11th December 1936, written in the log book:

To my past officers -

     ASM Jack Hunter
     Troop Ld Allan Cocks
     Leader Jack Demouth
     Leader Rex Grover
     Leader Jack Austin
     Leader Ed Brocket

and my 22 Scouts I say Goodbye after over 10 years with the Troop.  May you all always "do your bit" & stick to the old Troop - Remember - once a Scout always a Scout - and if I return in a few years time I hope to be able to come back again and see everything in order and all working in some way to help the Troop that has tried to help You.  I leave behind many pleasant memories and happy thoughts.  Many thanks to all those who have helped me run the Troop.  Best of Luck

Good Hunting

Arthur W V Reeve (DSM)




In 1979, Arthur Reeve gained the distinction of becoming one of just over 300 people (to date) in Scouting worldwide to be presented with the Bronze Wolf , awarded in recognition of "outstanding service by an individual to the World Scout Movement".  This award is rarely given, and by rule of thumb only one scout in every 2 million in any given year is likely to receive one.



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